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Who doesn’t love Eggs Benedict?

Tan and I are very good friends.

And like very good friends, we have many things in common, and of course, there some things we disagree on.

Take cheese, for example. Any kind: Swiss, Parmesan, Limburger or Cheez Whiz. I think cheese is one of the best things in the universe. (Okay, maybe not Cheez Whiz, but you catch my drift, right?)

My lovely and beautiful friend Tan, however, seems to think we can all live our lives without it. J (I know, right?)

One of my favourite things about Tan is that she has this amazing adventurous side to her. She is willing to do and try almost anything.

Even try breakfast food she has NEVER wanted to try before.

I know that Eggs Benedict isn’t for everyone, but for me, it’s one of my favourite brunch items.

And so for Tan’s “Adventure-A-Day” Month of November, she took the plunge and ordered the one dish she has never had any desire to sample. Ever.

What did she think of Eggs Benny? Click here to find out.





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